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Mental Health Treatment For Adolescents

Mental health issues in teens and young adults are common in today’s world, and if not dealt with effectively, they can continue to affect individuals throughout their life 

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The period of adolescence is crucial for young adults on their journey through life. This is the age where we learn to develop and maintain social habits that are vital for managing current and future mental wellbeing. Mental health in adolescence can be a time in which big changes are occurring, and for many young people, handling these changes can be hard to overcome.

Private mental health support for young adults

Around 75% of all mental health problems in the UK are established before the age of 24, proving mental health in adolescence is a vital wellbeing topic to ensure a healthy and happy life. Teens and young adults are just as susceptible to mental illness as older generations from any age range, and mental illness of any form should be identified and treated at the earliest point possible. Research suggests that around 20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year – as mental illness can overwhelm younger people at any given time.

For those who are suffering from mental illness, the importance of receiving the necessary mental health care that helps you return to happiness and full health is huge. If a mental health issue is left untreated, it can progressively become worse, making it harder to treat at a later stage. This can lead to a number of problems later on that can impair the ability to live a fulfilling life.

Adolescent and teenage mental health treatment at home 

Brevin are mental health specialists that offer a range of mental health services for young adults and teenagers. Our services are entirely mobile, meaning a qualified mental health nurse from our team will travel to your home and provide the service in comfortable surroundings. Being surrounded by a familiar environment promotes many benefits in mental health support for young adults; as anxiety levels are reduced and you can remain completely relaxed. 

Once we have identified the source of the mental health problem, the ultimate goal is to eradicate the mental health issue so you can live an enriched lifestyle confidently and comfortably. Our adolescent mental health treatments determine the most appropriate plan of action to effectively treat and resolve the issue. 

Brevin’s Adolescent Mental Health Services

There are a range of mental illnesses that young adults can be vulnerable to. The source of such illnesses are developed through the different experiences an individual faces in their childhood upbringing. The most common mental health issues in teens, young adults and adolescents surround teen anxiety and depression. However, there are a range of mental health issues in adolescents that require professional treatment:

Brevin specialises in treating the following conditions: 

  • Depression treatment for young adults
  • Anxiety treatment for young adults
  • Psychosis treatment for young adults
  • Phobia treatment young adults
  • Paranoid schizophrenia treatment for young adults
  • Bipolar treatment for young adults
  • Eating Disorders treatment for young adults
  • OCD treatment for young adults 
  • PTSD treatment for young adults 
  • Personality disorder treatment for young adults 
  • Adult ADHD treatment for young adults 
  • Autism treatment for young adults
  • Brain injury treatment young adults 
  • Burnout treatment for young adults 

Bespoke mental health treatment for adolescents 

The level of treatment necessary for your condition dictates which style of in-home mental health treatment you require. Brevin’s private mental health services for young adults are split into the two following categories – they are as follows:

  • Visiting mental health treatments – our specialists will arrange appointments in your home that can be daily, weekly, monthly, or anywhere in between. The stage and symptoms of your condition are the key components that we analyse before mapping out the necessary solutions through visiting mental health therapy. 
  • Full-time live-in care – in more severe cases for mental health in adolescents, our team can provide round the clock support in your home through a full time live-in mental health nurse. Care and assistance can then be provided at any time which ensures the client needs are taken care safely and sensibly. 

Prompt response to changing circumstances

Brevin pay close attention worsening or improving circumstances so we can consistently measure your condition. This helps us identify areas of your personal care plan that can be modified for any potential improvements at an early stage. Flexible levels of engagement and observation mean support can then be adjusted based on your need. Throughout Brevin’s entire service process, you can expect the timely provision of reassurance, companionship, de-escalation and deep relaxation. 

Private mental health services for young adults 

Brevin’s private mental health services for adolescents can help you manage your condition and the various symptoms that it causes. We know how much of an impact mental illness can have on all different aspects of your life, significantly lowering your level of happiness. Our ultimate goal is to help you once again live happily, healthily and confidently so you can do all the things you love to do. An enriched lifestyle is the best lifestyle, and mental health home treatments are the perfect answer to managing your condition for current and future wellbeing. Contact us today and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. 

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