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Clients receive treatment in elegant surroundings tailored to their preferences and requirements.

Private Mental Health Treatment & Rehab

Individually-adapted programmes for private clients seeking discrete treatment for mental illness and addiction at home.

Our exclusive programmes are delivered by expert clinical teams, brought together to treat your specific condition, in a well-appointed property of your choice.

The cornerstones of BREVIN Private Residence:

Individual treatment

Each client receives a fully managed, discreet, safe, and effective treatment experience in the comfort of their own home or in a well-appointed residence.

Personalised programme

Expert assessments determine the most suitable treatment programme to address the client’s specific needs, which can range from conventional to more complex challenges.

High Professional to Client ratio

Achieving the best possible outcomes, delivered by multi-disciplinary experts approaching complex challenges from different angles.

Integrated approach

Regular meetings are held between all professionals and the client regarding progress and to ensure seamless integration of the treatment plan.

Focus on underlying factors

Underlying causes of vulnerability are identified and treated, including psychological, chemical, physical, medical, social or spiritual factors, to reduce the risk of future relapse.

Our Approach:


Full assessments by expert multi-disciplinary teams formulating personalised treatment plan


Individualised treatment programmes delivered in a safe and discreet well-appointed residence or in the comfort of the client’s home


A comprehensive maintenance phase to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome and reduce the chance of relapse


Each case is overseen by a dedicated and responsive case-manager, ensuring the client’s individual requests are addressed promptly

What to Expect:

Upon admission, clients are welcomed into residence by their case manager and introduced to key members of the BREVIN team. They undergo a range of assessments, including psychiatric, psychological, physical and nutritional evaluations, and may include family interviews. The senior team meets to determine diagnosis, individual factors, treatment plan and team composition.

Programme content and duration depends on type and severity of illness, and this is communicated as early as practical to the patient. Intensive treatments may last 4-6 weeks; step-down treatment varies. Severe mental illnesses can take longer to stabilise; some patients suffering addiction can continue to experience difficulties in achieving abstinence for months.
Brevin provides different levels of programme intensity to pace the patient’s journey according to their progress, needs and capabilities. Live-in specialist support in the client’s home, providing a safe and caring environment, helps to promote client recovery during intensive treatment phases.

Ancillary staff, such as domestic staff, chefs and drivers can be provided; a lifestyle manager providing access to London events and activities is available depending on patient clinical state, circumstances and interests.

The experts involved can include:

Multi-disciplinary Team

The focus is on you and how to achieve the best outcomes:

BREVIN Private Residence’s overall aim is to achieve resolution of symptoms, restoration of independence, and long-term stability for clients suffering from mental illness or addictions, providing them with a positive treatment experience during a time of personal distress. Clinicians are available globally to advise and accompany clients on engagements, meetings and to support treatment throughout its various phases to achieve long-lasting, successful outcomes.
  • Bespoke, comprehensive programme delivered by experts
  • Discreet and safe in-residence care and treatment
  • Expertise in delivering treatment of conventional and complex challenges in home settings
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to mental illness and addiction
  • Support of family and significant others, helping them to understand the illness  
  • 24/7 case-management
  • World-wide outreach
“The BREVIN team offer a unique service that has undoubtedly transformed the lives of many people. A passion for each and every patient is the BREVIN hallmark, and I am very grateful that they are an available and immensely valuable option to hospitalised care.”

Cosmo Duff-Gordon – Therapist

All the details of your treatment plan are taken into consideration to provide the best environment for recovery.

The diverse range of properties and activities available make London the ideal home-from-home treatment environment. Countryside residences are also available for clients preferring treatment outside London.

What do we treat:

Psychological Problems

Trauma / PTSD
Anxiety Disorder
Personality difficulties
Eating disorders

Chemical Addictions

Designer drugs
Prescription medication

Process Addictions

“The BREVIN team offer a unique service that has undoubtedly transformed the lives of many people. A passion for each and every patient is the BREVIN hallmark, and I am very grateful that they are an available and immensely valuable option to hospitalised care.”

Cosmo Duff-Gordon – Therapist

Please contact us on 0203 941 2000 to speak to a member of our enquiry team:

At BREVIN, discretion and privacy are cornerstones of our service. We would love to keep you up to date with you by post, email and other electronic means with information about our service, news about BREVIN and engaging articles about mental health. Please be reassured we'll treat your information with the utmost care and will never pass it to other parties.

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Here are some useful considerations when enquiring about our service:

  • We treat adults over the age of 18
  • We are regulated by the CQC
  • Our treatment services are available in London and the surrounding areas
  • We can work alongside your existing clinical team
  • We do not need a referral
  • We can work with your existing GP or appoint one for you
  • We do not work with patients whose level of severity is mild or moderate without a significant level of dysfunction who are likely to improve with treatment under a psychiatrist or therapy alone;
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