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Frequently Asked Questions about BREVIN's Unique Private Mental Health Treatment Service

Why is BREVIN different?

BREVIN is a multi-award winning premier treatment provider. The company has been recognised for its pioneering and innovative approach to mental health treatment allowing clients the choice to be treated at home or we can arrange a property to host the client and specialist team that delivers the treatment in complete privacy allowing 24/7 support and helping the client avoid a hospital stay.

Each client is treated with complete privacy and has no contact with other clients that are being treated at the same time as you will be in different locations. We tirelessly explore why clients get unwell and in most cases why they have been unwell for years with an enduring mental illness. The majority of addictions can be attributed to underlying mental health issues and we work intensely with the individual in finding solutions to these problems.

Where will I be treated?

Every client is treated in their own home by the BREVIN team members or in an exquisitely appointed home. BREVIN has a concierge team to ensure all aspects of the treatment are as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

Are family involved in treatment?

Family involvement is integral to the clinical pathway of BREVIN and while exceptions are made on a case by case basis, families should expect to be actively involved as we know that this aids the treatment process.

Is the client stay at BREVIN kept confidential?

Privacy is of the utmost importance to BREVIN. We ensure confidentiality through our highly trained, professional and discreet mental health professionals. No third party has access to medical records, health information, or any information about a client’s stay without prior written authorisation from the client.

Is aftercare planning part of the program?

The treatment team works closely with the client as well as with the family, significant friends, and outside providers to develop a personalised aftercare plan. This would normally involve a managed step-down phase and then a long-term plan to maintain the client’s progress.

Who benefits most from BREVIN's signature programmes?

Our programmes focus on treating adults, ages 18 and older, who are experiencing significant difficulties with symptoms of mood instability (depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety), psychotic symptoms, cognitive impairment, substance misuse, for those seeking a comprehensive psychiatric, neurological and medical evaluation of their condition with recommendations for a comprehensive treatment programme.

Who will treat me during my time with BREVIN?

The staff at BREVIN is dedicated to upholding the BREVIN mission to improve the lives of clients and families affected by mental illness by providing high-quality, compassionate care and support. Our expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, mental health nurses, speciality therapists, and counsellors have experience working with individuals from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds from across the country and around the world.

How long will treatment last?

As each case is different this timescale may vary widely due to the complications of some mental illness. The average length of an intensive treatment plan is 4/6 weeks with a recommended step-down and maintenance phase that also varies in intensity depending on the case.

Is BREVIN regulated?

BREVIN is regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and treats this matter very seriously. Mental Healthcare is highly regulated due to the vulnerability of the person’s condition.

Are mobile phones allowed?

Clients are allowed to use mobile phones with some guidelines to prevent disruption of the program.

Is smoking permitted?

When receiving treatment at home the client has the right to smoke if they desire. Smoking is not permitted in any private residence but designated smoking areas are available outside.

Where is BREVIN located?

The main office is located in Central London and we deliver our services in London and the surrounding area. More intensive treatments can be delivered to a much wider area when a 24/7 treatment plan is needed.

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