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BREVIN Home Treatment is a unique service in the private sector that helps manage patients who suffer:

Supporting people with mental illness in the community by delivering expert treatment in the patient's home.

Chronic MENTAL Illness

That become unstable again or have not completely responded to treatment, leaving them with enduring and disabling consequences;

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Acute MENTAL Illness

That need more treatment than that provided by standard outpatient support, but are not severe enough to require hospital admission.

the conditions we treat

BREVIN Home Treatment is a unique service in the private sector that helps manage patients who suffer:

Mental and behavioural disorders are common; they can cause severe dysfunction and disability. In the private sector, as in the NHS, the majority of patients suffering mental illness are successfully treated with medication or therapy as outpatients by psychiatrists, therapists or GPs. Yet, for a proportion of patients with more severe symptoms or serious consequences, standard outpatient treatment is insufficient.

Severe Symptoms:

The BREVIN Home Treatment Team supports people that have severe symptoms characterised by:

  • relentless feelings of being depressed and anxious, or angry, cynical and irritable;
  • high levels of agitation or generalised slowing down;
  • excessive and repetitive preoccupation with seemingly unimportant or irrational issues;
  • significantly reduced concentration or increased distractibility;
  • extreme fatigue and tiredness;
  • hopelessness about getting better or that anyone can help;
  • thought that life is not worth living;
  • belief that others do not understand or are against them;
  • increased arousal and aggression towards others;
  • lack of awareness of mental illness or behavioural problem;
  • markedly reduced motivation and drive.


These severe symptoms can lead to the following consequences:

  • inability to perform daily tasks or structure activities e.g. work, self-care, reading or holding conversations;
  • reduced levels of activity & taking to their beds;
  • inability to cope with everyday demands & challenges;
  • self-soothing with drugs or alcohol & self-neglect;
  • active avoidance of medical treatment (lack of insight);
  • continuity of behaviour, believing it is normal or justified, or that others are to blame;
  • disregard for their roles e.g. as carer, parent, employee, partner;
  • personality changes;
  • disengagement from family and friends;
  • social withdrawal and isolation at home;
  • inability to attend outpatient appointments;
  • self-harm or harm to others;
  • relatives become worried, distressed or frustrated;
  • increased physical problems e.g. infections, heart and vascular problems, poor management of existing conditions like diabetes.
"The availability of a dedicated and expert team of specialist mental health professionals, specifically allocated to individual patients, allows the formation of enduring therapeutic relationships. Home visits remove certain barriers for patients who otherwise would find it difficult to engage, reducing the stress and inconvenience of travelling to appointments. Treatment takes place in a comfortable part of the house such as the living room, or garden, which makes the patient more at ease and responsive to the sessions.”

John Kelly
Clinical Services Manager – BREVIN

The Roles and responsibilities of Brevin nurses:

Medication is the first line of treatment for some specific mental illnesses and also for other conditions when they reach moderate to severe levels of acuity. Community psychiatric nurses have for decades assumed the role of supporting and treating this group of patients at home, co-ordinating their care, and liaising with other clinicians including psychiatrists, therapists and GPs.

Monitoring risk

Emotional & practical support for patients & families

Reviewing mental state

Supporting activities of daily living

Administering or supervising medication

Companionship & care


Social inclusion activities

Psycho-education with patient, family & carers

Psycho-education with patient, family & carers

BREVIN Home Treatment is NOT suitable for patients:

  • whose level of severity is mild or moderate without a significant level of dysfunction who are likely to improve with treatment under a psychiatrist or therapy alone;
  • with severe mental or behavioural disorder requiring more intensive home nursing support or hospital admission (see Brevin Live-in);
  • under the age of 18yrs.

I think I have a mental illness, what do I do?

Brevin’s team of community psychiatric nurses, consultant psychiatrists and psychological wellbeing practitioners can help.

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How Can Brevin Help?

Find out how Brevin can help you at home, whether you have been discharged as an inpatient, or your mental health is deteriorating as an outpatient.

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Mental health nurses

Brevin’s highly experienced team of specialist mental health nurses provide the right level of support and care for each of our patients.

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