Home Visits

Appointments in your home that can be daily, weekly, monthly, or anywhere in between

Enquire about mental health treatment and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Discretion is assured.

Enquire about mental health treatment and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Discretion is assured.

By bringing the service to you, the inconvenience and disruption of treatment in a busy institution is removed, and you experience the utmost level of care.

Our home visits are modelled on Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) and our Community Psychiatric Nurses and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners provide home visits for clients with acute or longstanding mental illnesses to:

Support slow or nonresponders to medication or therapy
Assist rehabilitation after acute episode of mental illness
Maintain mental health and reduce risk of relapse
Brevin offers a service that supports clients at home via regular home visits to 
monitor clients, improve their quality of life and help with rehabilitation.
A Brevin Community Psychiatric Nurse will undertake an assessment within 2 
working days of the referral being accepted by Brevin, subject to location and level 
of complexity, which will include evaluating the client, looking at past medical 
records, speaking with relatives (if indicated) and liaising with the client’s 
medical responsible doctor.
Brevin’s treatment proposal is available within 1 working day following the 
assessment; home visits start within 2 working days, subject to location and level 
of complexity
Frequency and duration of home visits are determined by clinical need and 
client/ relative wishes, as per the care plans agreed between them and Brevin 
staff, and client’ psychiatrists, GPs or therapists. Support might range from once 
weekly to daily home visits.
Home visits are not suitable for clients who are likely to respond promptly to 
treatment with medication or therapy alone or with severe symptoms and 
consequences requiring more intensive live-in care or hospital admission.
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Mental health home treatment is a bespoke service in the private sector that offers support and treatment for various mental illnesses in the client’s home. Visiting home treatment services are an intensive alternative for those who are suffering from chronic or acute mental illnesses.

You may be in need of mental health home treatment if you are holding relentless feelings of depression, anxiety, agitation or irrational urges. This can lead to the inability to perform daily tasks and cope with the demands of everyday life. If you are feeling hopeless about your mental health recovery then Brevin can help by providing mental health support at home. 

Brevin’s home visits can help to treat a number of mental health conditions including Depression, Bipolar, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Psychosis and much more.

Mental health home treatment is necessary for those who are facing a chronic mental illness and have not responded to treatment. Additionally, those who have an acute mental illness that is not severe enough to be taken on by hospital admission can benefit from mental health home treatment. 

Mental health home treatments increases the level of care that you are exposed to which in turn increases the rate of recovery. Brevin offers a bespoke one on one treatment plan that suits the severity of your condition and the circumstances you face. With this approach we learn how to manage your mental health symptoms and focus on building a satisfying and meaningful life.