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In terms of mental health conditions, personality disorders are one of the hardest to pinpoint a reason behind the illness.

What is a personality disorder?

Personality disorders are extremely complex mental health illnesses which can lead to difficulties in how a person thinks and feels about themselves and others. Personalities are made up of our thoughts, feelings and values which make each one of us an individual in our own right, but occasionally unwanted patterns of thoughts and behaviours occur which can have a negative effect on the person concerned and those close to them.

What are the signs of a personality disorder?

There are many personality disorders, but perhaps the most commonly known is ‘borderline personality disorder’. Signs of the disorder can show in different ways, but diagnosis may occur if a medical professional feels the following apply:

  • Thoughts, feelings and behaviours impacting a person’s day to day life, e.g being unable to trust others and make close relationships.
  • Work and friendships are suffering due to a person’s beliefs and behaviours in their personal life and at work.
  • The problems are continuing long-term, possibly either from childhood or throughout adulthood and the person is unable to change their behaviour to adapt to situations.

What are the symptoms of a personality disorder?

Women have been shown to be affected by personality disorder more than men, but the condition can affect any person at any age. As mentioned, there are different types of the disorder, but the symptoms of borderline personality disorder can include;

  • Risky behaviours, such as reckless driving, unsafe sex, drug or alcohol abuse
  • Extreme mood swings which can last for hours and change between intense highs and lows
  • Hostility and lack of patience with friends, family and colleagues
  • A history of unstable and destructive romantic relationships
  • An intense fear of being abandoned or rejected
  • Having a warped view of personal appearance - potentially bordering on body dysmorphia

What causes a personality disorder?

In terms of mental health conditions, personality disorders are one of the hardest to pinpoint a reason behind the illness. Often, there has been some kind of trauma in a person’s childhood such as neglect from a parent or an abusive or violent upbringing. These can skew a child’s thoughts and beliefs and lead to difficulties whilst a personality is developing in young adulthood. Like many mental health conditions, there is growing research into the effect of genetics and the tendency to develop personality disorders, with early results showing it may well be a contributing factor.

What are the types of personality disorders?

Research has shown that most disorders of this type fall into the following three categories,

Odd or Eccentric - Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal

Dramatic, Emotional, or Erratic - Antisocial, or Dissocial, Borderline, or Emotionally Unstable, Histrionic, Narcissistic 

Anxious and Fearful - Obsessive-Compulsive (aka Anankastic), Avoidant (aka Anxious/Avoidant), Passive.

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