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Online Mental Health Assessments

An online mental health assessment is a fantastic alternative if you're unable to attend in person.

Despite our best intentions, sometimes, no matter how tough things are getting, it’s impossible to make time for a mental health assessment in-person.

Online mental health assessments are now available and are common practice in the healthcare industry, meaning that it is now possible to have your mental health assessed by a qualified professional via a video call.

Assessing an individual’s psychiatric state remotely is just as effective as meeting in person and can often be a much more suitable solution.

BREVIN's online mental health assessment is a professional mental health service and not an online mental health test or quiz!

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Here are the key benefits to an online assessment with BREVIN:

  • Assessments available worldwide to English speaking individuals
  • We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • BREVIN can facilitate the delivery of prescriptions (UK only)
  • Quick turnaround - you will hear back from a member of our team to book a call as soon as possible
  • We can work with your existing GP or Psychiatrist or recommend an appropriate professional, if required.

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More about our online mental health assessment

Understanding the state of an individual's mental health is the first step to them making a recovery. An initial mental health or psychiatric assessment allows our experienced mental health professionals to understand the symptoms and struggles that an individual may be facing. Our online assessment is just as comprehensive as our in-person assessment and covers all aspects of a person's mental well-being.

How our online psychiatric assessment works…
Our online assessments follow the same structure as a traditional mental health assessment. The only difference is that it will take place remotely. All you need for us to conduct an online mental health assessment is for you to have a reliable internet connection, webcam and microphone. Any off-the-shelf laptop will be fine. Our video assessments last up to two hours and are carried out by one of our experienced mental health professionals.

Conditions that we can identify and treat
At Brevin, we are experts in identifying and treating a full range of mental health conditions. The conditions we treat include Depression, OCD, Paranoid Schizophrenia and Bipolar. For a full list of the mental health conditions that you can receive treatment for with BREVIN, then take a look at the conditions we treat.

A comprehensive diagnosis
An online assessment with a mental health professional will be in-depth and offer a comprehensive diagnosis. Although there are many online mental health tests freely  available, these do not offer the requisite detail to fully understand and diagnose your condition. Remember, a self-assessment is often not enough.
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