BREVIN focus their expertise on helping to reduce the duration, frequency and severity of mental health episodes.

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BREVIN is a private mental health care provider delivering expert treatment in London and the South East, supporting people at home suffering from mental illness

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Home-based mental health treatment has been delivered throughout the UK for almost 50 years as an effective method of treating the majority of mental illness. BREVIN was founded in 2012 and is the UK's first private home-based mental health provider registered by the Care Quality Commission

"94% of patients with acute mental illness can be successfully treated in their homes*"
specialist mental health treatment
Expert mental health care delivered in the comfort of your own home
home care for mental health conditions
Patient focused care for a wide range of mental health conditions
private mental health at home starting from £950
The level of care is scaled to suit your condition and it's acuity at any moment

The experience of mental illness can be overwhelming and frightening to patients and their loved ones. You know the situation needs dealing with sensitively and choosing the most suitable solution can be challenging.

BREVIN is a service that offers private mental health care and treatment for adults in their own homes. Our view is that expert treatment for mental health, delivered discretely, safely and effectively in a home environment – a place that’s comfortable, private and familiar – is often the best option and what our clients are looking for.

Our highly skilled mental health professionals treat a wide range of psychological conditions, focusing our expertise on helping to reduce duration, frequency and severity of mental health episodes.

We also work alongside existing consultant psychiatrists and GPs to provide the support at home for people with mental health problems.

*In England, out of the 1,836,996 people that were in contact with mental health services between 2014 and 2015, 94% did not spend any time in mental health hospitals, which indicates that most of the care was provided in the community. Source: Mental Health Foundation, Fundamental Facts About Mental Health 2016

View a short video of our mental health experts talking about the benefits of expert treatment in the home.

“We approached BREVIN when a close family member who was in a psychiatric hospital asked us to find him a service that could continue his treatment home. With everybody realising he remained unwell, we were concerned he would leave hospital, stop his medication and become very ill again. The BREVIN team provided very professional, caring and personal service to our brother at what was a very emotional and stressful time for our family. Thanks to their skilled guidance and support, our brother felt involved in his care and his experience of treatment was much more positive. This gave us great peace of mind. BREVIN gradually reduced their support over time, as he regained his independence.

  Family member of a client treated under our LIVE-IN service

Some of the many reasons clients choose BREVIN...

Limited availability of local mental health expertise
Limited availability of local mental health expertise
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Treatment of severe mental illness at home
The ability to treat severe or enduring mental illnesses outside of hospital
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Previous poor experiences  of mental health care
Previous poor experiences of mental health care
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BREVIN Home Treatment support and treat patients with the following mental health conditions:

Please contact us on 0203 941 2000 to speak to a member of our enquiry team:

At BREVIN, discretion and privacy are cornerstones of our service. We would love to keep you up to date with you by post, email and other electronic means with information about our service, news about BREVIN and engaging articles about mental health. Please be reassured we'll treat your information with the utmost care and will never pass it to other parties.

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Here are some useful considerations when enquiring about our service:

  • We treat adults over the age of 18
  • We are regulated by the CQC
  • Our treatment services are available in London and the surrounding areas
  • We can work alongside your existing clinical team
  • We do not need a referral
  • We can work with your existing GP or appoint one for you
  • We do not work with patients whose level of severity is mild or moderate without a significant level of dysfunction who are likely to improve with treatment under a psychiatrist or therapy alone;

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